“Our backyard was transformed into our own personal paradise when King Pools designed and built our pool and spa. We are thrilled with the exotic character of our new outdoor haven.”

“The professionals at King Pools were a dream to work with. Every step of the way from consultation to design and construction, they answered our questions, explained our options, and supported our decisions. We couldn’t be more satisfied.”

“I would recommend King Pools to anyone interested in installing a pool or spa. They were very accommodating, listened to what we wanted, made fabulous suggestions, and helped me accomplish my vision of building an entertainment space adjacent to my home. I love the result.”

“Our King Pools addition to our backyard has enhanced our family life in ways we never imagined. They built us a beautiful, affordable pool where we can spend weekends with our children and friends. We never want to leave home anymore! We’d rather barbecue and swim in the privacy and convenience of our own backyard. Best of all, nobody believes we didn’t spend a small fortune for our gorgeous new pool and spa!”

“My wife and I entertain a lot, for both business and pleasure. Since King Pools turned our outer area into a stunning resort-like setting, we invite clients and friends over to our house all the time, instead of taking them out. It has made a world of difference. People seem more comfortable in a home environment, and we have delightful meetings and intimate dinners around the pool. Best of all, when our guests leave, we can still soak in our spa and don’t have to drive home!”

“I have to admit, I was terrified at the prospect of committing to construction in my backyard. King Pools put all my fears to rest. They were very patient, completely experienced and professional. You could tell they had done some hand holding before. I was so comfortable with our working relationship, that I even left town during part of the construction. I had no ‘surprises’ waiting for me when I returned home. I am 100% satisfied with the amazing results.”